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Bill Clinton. Ellen DeGeneres. Mike Tyson. Your (Potential) Customers.

What do they have in common?

They’re eating more vegetarian foods.

New books, magazine features, television reports and blog articles tout the advantages of plant-based foods. Celebrities, doctors, fitness professionals, and friends and family are spreading the word.

The vegetarian foods market has gone from niche to mainstream.

Research shows that a quarter of the U.S. adult population is looking to cut back on meat. Nearly as many are reducing their consumption of dairy.

If you are…

  • Offering meat or dairy alternatives
  • Marketing fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds or grains
  • Running a restaurant
  • Operating a non-commercial foodservice operation
  • Promoting other veg-friendly products or services

… these numbers can add up to opportunity for you to improve customer satisfaction and build your bottom-line.

But opportunity in the vegetarian market doesn’t necessarily equal results.

Do you know the difference between meat reducers, semi-vegetarians or flexitarians, vegetarians, and vegans? Do you have what you need to choose segments to target and reach them most effectively to increase sales?

Vegetarian Means Business™ delivers on-point strategy and research.

Tap the special expertise that can help you reap the benefits of plant-based foods. With over 25 years strategy and marketing experience, a decade working with vegetarian nonprofits and businesses, and 20 years moving across all phases of vegetarian eating, founder Caryn Ginsberg brings unique insight to illuminate the possibilities and pitfalls.

Free vegetarian market strategy and research report

Request your complimentary report, designed for consumer goods directors, product managers, grocery executives, entrepreneurs, restaurant owners and other veg-oriented businesses. You’ll get a research overview, including the percentage of vegetarians, vegans and semi-vegetarians. You’ll also find action ideas on how to offer and promote plant-based foods more successfully. Learn more.

Vegetarian Means Business. Let it mean good business for you.